Yoga for Autism Teacher Training

Yoga for Autism Teacher Training

Yoga is an incredibly powerful therapeutic tool to help us work at a truly individual level. We know that every individual needs a tailored approach, so we created Yoga for Autism as a toolkit for every trained practitioner to work with in their own way.

Yotism’s Yoga for Autism is a fusion of developmental neuroscience and the ancient healing art of yoga.  The technique will teach you regulation tools, calming techniques and integration methods that are proven to enhance the lives of those on the spectrum and enable them to thrive.

But it’s more than just having detailed knowledge. Our training is structured to provide you with a diverse toolkit to work confidently and flexibly with people with ASD and other related diversity. We are here with you every step of the way as you help people to improve their lives.

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Yotism offers a range of training opportunities from one day workshops to a 60 hour fully accredited, speciality practitioner training. We also offer further specialisms to those who have completed our initial training.

Yoga for Autism will give you:

  • A wealth of knowledge on Autism and the underpinning neuro-science.
  • Practical experience and understanding of how yoga positively affects brain, body, sensory and nervous systems, emotional expression and inner balance.
  • A clear outline structure for practice and teaching methods.
  • The ability to adapt and offer this technique in ways that work for each individual.
  • Deeper trust to work with the power of your own intuition as a yoga practitioner.

Yoga for Autism training uses a combination of adapted asanas, neuro-sensory techniques, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques to meet the needs of those with ASD.

It develops an internal sense of control and calm for each individual who learns to use relaxation, self-awareness and positive internal dialogue as tools for day to day life.

The reduction in stress as they interact with others and their environment results in a higher quality of life which can be sustained in the long term. Yoga for Autism provides individuals with skills for life and a positive sense of self.

Through effective practitioner delivery and regular intervention, Yoga for Autism allows an individual to reach a parasympathetic state where the body can digest food better, produce necessary coping hormones and optimise their immune system.

Knees to chest - best Yoga pose for autism

Yotism offers three levels of Yoga for Autism training.

If you are a qualified yoga instructor, through an approved registered programme, you can take one or all of our courses to develop your specialist yoga therapy. If you are not currently qualified, you will need to complete our 60 hours specialised training to be able to teach the technique.

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Foundation Course

This is a three day, 24 hour, training module. Each day is structured in a way to offer quality training, education, practical application, mentoring and awareness building of yoga as a tool for supporting someone on the autism spectrum. This course will introduce you to the natural, therapeutic intervention of adapted yoga and provide you with the direct tools to teach.

Yoga for Autism Teacher Training

Day 1 of this training includes:

  • Introduction to Yoga and ASD
  • Yoga and your own Neurology
  • Brain neurology and greater understanding of spectrum differences
  • Practical and theoretical understanding of Autism and body-brain integration
  • Practical on Yo’tism sequences and techniques


Cost: £375        Course dates available here.

Secure your place on the next training with a deposit.

Advanced Course

This is a two day, 16 hour, training module which delves deeper into ASD as a spectrum and the more in-depth tools you need to apply an adapted Yoga method with greater knowledge, confidence and skill.


Cost £250     Course dates available here

Some features of this course include:

  • Understanding the wider spectrum differences
  • The Primitive Reflex system
  • Practical application for the wider spectrum differences
  • Developing a more prescriptive technique
  • ASD and a soulful connection

Secure your place on the next training by paying a deposit.

Specialist Courses

These are 1 day, 8 hours, training modules which hone in on a specific area of interest and need of individuals on the ASD spectrum.

These courses are flexible, tailored specifically and devised as requests and needs require, making Yo’tism at the forefront of relevant, exceptional practice for our ASD clients.

You must complete two of these in order to complete the 60 specialised training.

Currently, there are specialist training modules on:

  • Yoga and the Neuro-Sensory Group
  • Reflex Yoga
  • Yoga and Communication
  • Autism plus
  • Yoga as a Classroom Pedagogy
  • Trauma rehabilitation


Please see below but in order to complete the 60-hour module, you will need to complete four mentoring sessions.

Cost £30 per session

Please contact us at for more information or to sign up.

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Yoga for Autism Teacher Training
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Yotism is a Yoga for Autism training school and the founder of a unique specialised sensory Yoga method, designed to enhance the lives of those with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) symptoms. It is a powerful, profound and practical technique that aids children and adults on the autistic spectrum. It fuses together elegantly, our modern age scientific understanding of movement, the brain and neuro-sensory systems, with the ancient healing art of yoga.


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