Has it been a stressful week going back to school after the holidays for you and your child?
We may not be able to change what goes on at school but can we help our children and ourselves when they get home?

Here is a tip for this week that may help to reduce, regulate and calm that stress.

It is called ‘Up The Wall Pose’

This may make you think of a weird old metaphor in our English language, that perhaps we don’t really understand but use in a flippant way, when we say as parents “They are driving me up the wall” well let’s take this literally, flip it and use it to our advantage.

Literally getting them up the wall can be a really easy, practical and effective way of helping to induce calm and relaxation.

Physically, mentally and emotionally lying with our legs above our head (inversions) has many positive effects, some of these are:

~ Help relieve tired or tight muscles in the legs which for people who are in a fight, flight or fright response a lot of the time may commonly have as the body is preparing for survival action.

~ Helps organise and distribute blood flow, which takes pressure off the heart and lets the body find a natural rest place.

~ Improves the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system, this system helps our body to eliminate toxins. This is particularly important for asd as scientific research and personal experience suggests that it is common and harder to eliminate toxins from the body.

~ Aids digestion and digestive cramps or discomfort and could also help some go to the toilet more easily.

~ Last and most importantly it is highly effective at calming the nervous system bringing it down into a more natural, less fired up state allowing for everything to relax. With a calmer nervous system the mind, body and being are more free to be.

All of these benefits can aid sleeping, eating, behaviours and stress levels.

Happier nervous system, happier person.!

To find out different ways that you can apply ‘Up The Wall Pose’ for your child or for more information contact: enquiries@yotism.com


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