Reflex Yoga

Introducing Reflex Yoga

Reflex Yoga is a unique form of therapeutic neurodevelopmental yoga.

Reflex Yoga is a synthesis of neurodevelopmental understanding together with Hatha and Kashmir Yoga. It uses combinations of movement, breath and mindfulness to rehabilitate the primitive reflex systems; by targeting body-brain neurological, physical and emotional connections balance and harmony are nurtured inside and out.

Working with the primitive reflex system it can ease and rehabilitate symptoms rooted in stress, trauma, neurodivergence, mental health difficulties, physical health challenges, developmental difficulties, sleep issues, pain management and more.

These specific movements mimic the natural movements a baby would have experienced either in utero or as an infant which help these reflexes to integrate and move on.

Primitive Reflexes begin in the brain stem and stimulate the involuntary movements in babies to create whole brain and body connections.

Babies move through these movements in a specific timetable to develop. Sometimes, due to neurodiversity, trauma or other unknown reasons, these reflexes get stuck and do not integrate as they should. They can also come back later in life to protect you if you suffer from high stress, anxiety or shock.

Most people will have holding patterns related to these reflexes as we all suffer from stress anxiety or shock at some point in our lives.

The rhythmic movements are the natural movements a baby would have experienced either in utero or as an infant which help these reflexes to integrate and move on. If a baby is not nurtured in the normal way or suffers stress anxiety or shock, the reflexes may not move on and they may be stuck in survival mode right from the start. This is also true if you are injured and suffer long term stress and anxiety.

Reflex Yoga not only helps you release patterns and integrate movement into the whole body and mind, but it also soothes the deeper sense of self. This approach enables physical, mental and emotional relaxation to come more easily.  All our neurological patterns have their root in our primitive reflexes. This unique Yoga system directly supports these patterns, helping them to reorganise and restore newfound behavioural responses for optimal wellbeing.

Reflex Yoga is delivered one-on-one as restorative yoga therapy or in small groups for more personalised practice. Training and workshops are available in this method throughout the year.

The Origins of Reflex Yoga

Reflex Yoga is influenced by a rehabilitation method called Rhythmic Movement Training made famous by Moira Dempsey RMTi.  This therapeutic method has been widely available to children with any form of developmental interruption, learning difference or emotional/behavioural difficulties for many years and has impressive results.

Reflex Yoga has also been influenced by Eurythmy, which is a therapeutic movement modality used in the Steiner School system for remedial learning and as an art form.

Reflex Yoga also incorporates a Ball-a-vis-X method, a rhythmic coordinative method that enhances neurodevelopment goals using beanbags and balls.

Our greatest influence has been the transformative power of yoga its powerful andl impact on the nervous system.

Feedback from Happy Clients

“I can’t recommend Veronika enough. She does something called Reflex Yoga. She’s been working with us for a number of reasons and the difference it is making is immense. We’ve been working with her for a month and after a very stressful year, I’m finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I have been practicing yoga for many years and have been to many different styles of yoga classes, but I can honestly say that each week I am learning something new  – not only about the yoga but also having an increased awareness of self. I come away feeling relaxed and have incorporated some of these new learnings into my own daily practice. The time spent here each week is a way of stepping off the treadmill of life. Bliss”

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Reflex Yoga is a healing practice that combines movements that rehabilitate the primitive reflex system. Held and supported by a strong and stable Yoga flow, it does this naturally and easily through rhythmic Neuro-Sensory movements. This new Yoga technique is style of Yoga that targets the body-brain neurological, physical and emotional connections and is unique in its field.


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