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Introduction by Nicole Zimbler (Head Trainer and Founder of Yotism)

As the co-creator of Yotism’s comprehensive method I have been inspired by many great teachers who have acted as innovators in this field. Another one of the greatest inspiration of this age has been  ‘science’ along with practical spiritual exploration.

Two Yogis, in particular have inspired me: The founders of methods of Yoga for Children with Special Needs, Sonia Sumar who introduced adapted yoga over 30 years ago; and Jo Manuel, who founded and formed the Special Yoga Centre.

These two centers have served as the bedrock and inspiration for Yoga for Autism and diverse needs. Along with my own devoted practice and a culmination of my lifetimes work and a love for training others, I have founded Yotism.

I have had 18 years of experience as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist. I am also an – Integrated Developmental Therapist – Neuro Sound Therapist – SAS Accredited Neuro Sensory Master Practitioner – Retained Reflex Rhythmic Movement Trainer – Remedial and Learning Support Specialist – Yoga Teacher – Yoga Therapist for Children with special needs – Reflexologist – Doula – Baby Massage Instructor – Healer.

I am the UK manager at Sensory Activation Solutions, an organisation which designs and develops auditory integration systems and applies listening activated programs that serve to help children and adults with any learning or developmental difficulties.

One of the reasons for loving the nature of therapeutic work is that each person I work with, child or adult, has an individual personal uniqueness with extensive abilities and unknown potential. When this potential starts to communicate itself, release, and changes are made, whether that be through the neurological, physical or emotional sphere: Magic Happens!

I have been extremely lucky to have experienced working in many diverse environments with a full age range from the elderly, to the newborn, to mental health patients, troubled adolescents, mothers and their new babies, children, parents and their families.

As a Doula, I have experienced the Holistic Birthing sector and working alongside people in a very intimate and functional way. The opportunity this offered me to work with the unborn – to the new born, to mother the Mother and Father, support and nurture individuals – helps me to understand each individual client that I work with more and I am eternally grateful for this.

The greatest teachings and teachers of my life have been my own children. Along with the hardest most rewarding job I have ever done, it has brought me a wealth of experience and insight into the beautifully simple yet complex features of our ever developing human nature.

SAS - Sensory Activation Solutions

Sensory Activation Solutions is an international organisation dedicated to researching, developing and implementing sound based interventions that boost and activate the learning capacities of the brain and unlock the innate potential in every person. A leading developer in Neuro Sound Therapy specialising in areas of child development, learning, speech and language and Neuro-sensory integration.

Master Practitioner at SAS

As the Manager, Master Practitioner and course trainer at Sensory Activation Solutions – SAS. I can enliven my passion for music and sound with my conviction for the science of therapeutic intervention even more. Being that I wholly believe that the sensory systems are key to releasing the potential and abilities in us. I feel this Auditory Neuro Sensory Therapy programme is the missing link that creates the connections and reaches areas of Auditory development, learning, sensory processing, language development, motor-coordination Integration, emotional stability, de-sensitivity and enhanced brain processing in a way that I have not been able to reach before.

I love the fact that even though it is technically complex it is beautifully simple and easy to apply. It is innovative, fresh and in my experience highly effective. Through the modality of Sound, Language and Neuro-Acoustics and our forever moving modern scientific understanding of brain plasticity, I am passionate about the scope for further development of this method.

Yoga Therapist for Children with Special Needs

An integrated movement and Primitive Reflex therapist for children with special needs that brings in the physical, mental and soulful through yogic movement, play, exercise, meditation and breath. From my experience as an in-house Yoga Therapist at Eagle House school, Trinity College, Special Needs School in Dagenham and other ASD schools, I observed the profound effects of this powerful therapy for children on the spectrum.

Specialist Reflexologist, Doula, Baby Massage Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Healer

As a Holistic Therapist I specialise in working practically with children and their families, new parents and parents to be, mental health patients and all areas of special needs. Using a range of hands on therapies, nutritional input and coaching services combined to create better health and welfare.

I am deeply honoured to do this work and am constantly buzzing with ideas of developing it to serve communities better, build greater awareness and heal, nourish and lighten.


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