Yotism Foundation Training Online Course

We are very pleased to bring you Yotism training online!

Yotism methodology is based on a fusion of developmental neuroscience and the ancient healing art of yoga. This Online Foundation Training offers you the skills, knowledge and practical application to bring a confident, accessible and heartfelt yoga and mindfulness practice to people experiencing Autism or other related diversity.  The regulation tools, calming techniques and integration methods that you will learn are proven to enhance the lives of those on the spectrum and enable them to thrive. 


Trainers Nicole and Veronika have spent their adult lives immersed in teaching therapeutic yoga with an integral passion for fusing this with the understanding and support for neurodiversity. 


What will you gain from this training?


  • A deeper understanding of Autism processing and how we can assist the nervous system and sensory processing system to be better integrated as a way of supporting the individual’s mental and physical wellbeing. 

  • A structure of practice that enables you to feel confident in delivering a yoga class to small groups or one to one. 

  • A toolkit of powerful movements, yoga postures, breath and mindfulness/relaxation techniques that can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the individuals you may work with. 

  • How to use yoga as part of a sensory diet to assist with motor skills, planning, self-regulation, social/emotional communication, overall wellbeing and strengthening of the immune system. 

  • A Certification of Attendance accredited by IYN that can be treated as a CPD for trained yoga professionals or to add on to an already established professional skillset, or as part of the full 60-hour Yotism practitioner training. 

  • A chance to practice and meet (virtually) with others who have a shared passion for this work. 


Course Structure


Even though this course is now virtual we aim to make it as intimate, informative, practical and nourishing as possible. The day will be broken up with plenty of breaks from online learning, opportunities to practice with fellow participants and time for supportive discussion.


Yotism methodology takes the traditional 5 limbs of yoga and brings an accessible enhancement of practice that includes:



  1. Chanting

  2. Breathing (pranayama)

  3. Postures (asanas)

  4. Relaxation (savasana)

  5. Mindfulness (dharana) 

  1. Connect and Integrate

  2. Rhythm and Balance

  3. Regulate and Organise

  4. Calm and Soothe

  5. Nourish and Nurture


In Yotism practice, these are all creatively underpinned with the further limbs of yoga which help to access healing through attitudes of loving-kindness, healthy observances and unity of self. 



DAY 1  09.30 – 17.30 


  • How to prepare for practice and get to know the importance of your inner state. 

  • How to meet, greet and connect.

  • Learn a preparatory set of exercises that wake up the body, brain and regulate the internal sensory system.

  • Deepen your knowledge on the neurodevelopmental underpinnings of spectrum diversity along with anatomy & physiology, processing and emotional body-brain integration.

  • Deepen your understanding of how to access and creatively support your practice with the limbs of yoga. 


DAY 2  09.30 – 17.30 


  • A practical exploration of Yotism skeleton of practice.
  • Learn a comprehensive Body Awareness practice that supports the sensory and nervous system to integrate and regulate.
  • Delve deeper into the benefits of neuro-sensory/somatic movement and individual yoga poses.
  • Practice yoga poses and their benefits.
  • How to use grounding techniques to aid in the regulation of behaviours.
  • How to use your observation skills to adapt and meet the needs of your child(ren)/adult(s).


DAY 3  09.30 – 17.00 


  • A practical exploration of breathwork, mindfulness and relaxation techniques. 
  • Using yoga as part of a sensory diet.
  • How to structure a class including online learning.
  • How to use practical aids, tools and resources such as social stories in your therapeutic yoga.
  • Understanding the wider network of family, educational and community support. 


Cost £350 

This includes a hard copy of the training manual sent to you directly (except for last-minute bookings).  

Laminated resources to support Yoga as part of a sensory diet and social stories.

Become part of our supportive therapeutic Yotism community and if you partake in Facebook a chance to join our private practitioner page. 

Become listed so parents/professionals looking for practitioners can be directly linked to you.

Please follow this link to book 

We have payment plans in place upon request that can be spread over 3 or 6 months. Contact us for more information enquiries@yotism.com

We have payment plans in place upon request that can be spread over 3 or 6 months. Contact us for more information enquiries@yotism.com

Special Offer

Special offer with this training gives you access to the user code YOSAS1. This enables you to receive a free 12-day taster therapeutic listening course from a well renowned international provider Sensory Activation Solutions. You can use this for yourself, your child or anyone you work with.  www.sascentre.com

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