Yoga for Autism

Yotism is a specialist Yoga teacher training school

Building on our years of practical experience and research, we have created two unique forms of neurodevelopmental yoga offering sensory support and rehabilitation.

Yoga for Autism is a powerful, practical technique developed to support children and adults with neurodivergence and autistic spectrum conditions.

It brings into harmony our modern understanding of movement and neuro-sensory systems with the ancient healing art of yoga. Yoga helps to build a strong connection with the body, mind and being developing balance and harmony.

This gentle practice is a powerful tool for nervous system management, releasing emotions enabling calmer moods and behaviour as well as supporting the development of improved communication skills.

Training course at Yotism

Reflex Yoga is unique in its field and offers a blend of Somatic Hatha inspired yoga and movement to support neurological development.

Combining our understanding of neurology, primitive reflexes and movement, Reflex Yoga restores balance between brain and body.

Yotism provides fully accredited teacher training in Yoga for Autism and Reflex Yoga

And we run classes through our nationwide network of practitioners.

We provide quality Yoga for Autism training for professionals, parents, teachers and anyone in the SEN community.

We offer a 200-hour Reflex Yoga Teacher Training for those wishing to specialise in supporting the nervous system through therapeutic yoga.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced therapists work in outreach, schools, homes and from our dedicated studio in Hertfordshire and Herefordshire.

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Yotism Teacher Training Courses
Yotism Yoga Classes

About Yotism

Yoga is a powerful practice combining mind, body and spirit.

A regular practice develops balance, concentration, clarity, inner understanding, expression and emotional release. It is an amazing healing tool for everyone. We founded Yotism because we could see how it would transform the lives of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We were set up and continue to work to share the magic of yoga through training and supporting practitioners who wish to develop their expertise in this field.

Yotism has brought together our collective years of expertise in yoga and neurodevelopmental therapies.

Classes at Yotism

Nicole Zimbler

Head Trainer and Founder

Nicole has extensive experience as a yoga teacher and therapist in many fields. The combination of these skills provides an exceptionally strong foundation for neurodevelopmental yoga.


Veronika Pena de la Jara

Trainer and Founder

Veronika has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and specialises in Early Years development, Pregnancy, Mother and Child, Children, Teenagers and Adult neuro-sensory Yoga.

Sarah Hopwood Specialist Education Support

Specialist Educational Support

Sarah Hopwood is our specialist education adviser who supports us with our ongoing development and work with education providers.

Doggie Paws

Hera and Zena are our trained therapy dogs for that added relaxation time.

Yotism's Therapy Dogs
Yoga for Autism Therapy Dogs


“My child has benefitted enormously from this yoga in helping him calm, have better understanding and management of his body and emotions and in just allowing him that space in the busyness of his world to stop, organise, breathe and relax in a safe, loving way.”


Feedback from Professionals

“I most appreciated about this course the knowledge from the teachers, all the different techniques and practices, I feel it has really reinvigorated my teaching”

Yoga Teacher & Special Needs Coordinator,

“The blend of watching, listening and doing were excellent to facilitate learning with the content covered and adapted, according to questions and needs of the group”

Occupational Therapist,

“Warm and generous approach and content of this course was very inspiring”

Yoga Teacher,

“Yoga works for me in such an amazing way; it really helps me to stay calm, centred and grounded. When I finally discovered yoga about five years ago,
it really helped with my symptoms, I felt amazing after just one session. The more I did, the better I felt. Each time I did a session my ASD symptoms faded more and more until they were barely present at all. To the point where I sometimes would forget I was on the spectrum and that I was any different to anyone else. It was and still is only really noticeable sometimes in social interaction and communication.”

David Ellams — Founder of Yoga4Autism

“This has widened my knowledge of ASD as a speech therapist. I’m excited to be able to support children with the benefits of yoga. The trainers were friendly and created a beautiful and positive environment. So grateful!”

Speech & Language Therapist,

“I do my little 10-30 minute yoga routine daily; if I miss it I can really tell the difference. The longer I do not do it the more my ASD symptoms begin to return, after a few days they really are starting to cause issues again, after a week I am really struggling to cope.”

Adult yogi on the spectrum,

“The excellence of teaching and fluidity was most comprehensive. Course overall brilliant, welcoming, structured. Great.”


“Warm and generous approach and content of this course was very inspiring”

Yoga Teacher,

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Yotism is a Yoga for Autism training school and the founder of a unique specialised sensory Yoga method, designed to enhance the lives of those with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) symptoms. It is a powerful, profound and practical technique that aids children and adults on the autistic spectrum. It fuses together elegantly, our modern age scientific understanding of movement, the brain and neuro-sensory systems, with the ancient healing art of yoga.

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