Reflex Yoga


Reflex Yoga is a fusion of calming restoring Hatha/Kashmir Yoga and dynamic rhythmic Neuro-Sensory movements. It targets the Body-Brain neurological, physical and emotional connections and accesses the root of all pattern making and pattern breaking.

This unique healing and restorative practice combine movements that rehabilitate the primitive reflex system whilst being fully supported and held by a strong, stable Hatha/Kashmir Yoga flow.

It is a fusion of Yoga and Neuro-sensory movement that understands and targets the nervous system and the root of all our Neurological connections directly. These connections go right back to the first stages of primal development where the pattern making and pattern breaking began at fetal development and birth.

Reflex Yoga is heavily influenced by a traditional reflex rehabilitation method Rhythmic Movement Training made famous by Kirsten Linde. This practice has been widely available to children with any form of developmental interruption, learning difference or emotional/behavioural difficulties and has seen extremely progressive results.

Reflex Yoga is a new unique style of Yoga designed to target the Body-Brain neurological, physical and emotional connections. It is delivered one-on-one as a rehabilitation therapy or in small groups for a more personalised practice.

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